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Arpelle is a toy compiler and scripting language that is very much a work in progress. It produces C++ code. This was my summer project because I was unemployed and I wanted to learn about compilers.

Concepts are based off the TeenyTinyCompiler by @AZHenley, built in .NET 5 and C# instead of Python, and with a modified language.

The language is BASIC like, kinda Python like.

Here's an incredibly simply program I use to test the features I've implemented so far.

Set a As Number = 0
Set b As Number = 1
Set hello As String = "Hello World"
Set flag As Boolean = True

If flag == True Then
    Printout hello
    Set a = 1
    Set b = 2
    Input hello
    Printout "Not Hello World!"

While flag == True Repeat
    Printout hello
    Printout a
    Printout b

It is currently Open Source and available on my GitHub.