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My passion besides programming is Music. A love that bloomed from an early age, I focus in Music Production and Audio Engineering. One of the techniques that I apply in my music is known as ‘Sample Flipping’. One technique is to simply change the tempo of the sample, changing the pitch. One downside is that it is extremely hard to get a precise pitch which causes tuning problems.

I created a tool that calculates pitch or tempo based on the changes made. The tool is called BPMTool and was built in C# and WinForms, it is currently Open Source and available on my GitHub.

Some figures could not be 100% accurate, or there might be a discrepancy in some calculations, this is due to the application rounding to 2 decimal places, as this is the standard for tempo and pitch in Ableton Live (as of 10.1.25). Your DAW/Audio tool may accept more or less precision in these values.