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Peer Assisted Study Sessions

PASS, or Peer Assisted Study Sessions, are group study sessions led by trained third year students. I was trained by the University in using effective group teaching techniques, and I was part of a small team that created learning resources for one hour a week sessions.

The module I taught was the first year C++ Programming module. In these sessions, students would take part in group quizzes, and benefit from one-to-one help with any problems they may have. As well as academic help, each PASS leader also helped answer questions about general university life, as such I presented the students a glimpse of what they could expect from their second year.

The program was new to the Computer Science department, and was such a success that it led to many first years students signing up to become PASS Leaders in their second year, and the implementation of the scheme across all Computer Science modules. Each PASS Leader was awarded a certificate of appreciation for the success of the scheme.